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Our Story

Hello friends! We are Scott and Rachel Plauche, and we are the team behind The BrewPaddle Cafe! 👋 Our journey into the culinary arts has been anything but linear. In 2005, Scott was working at a mental health facility. After Katrina hit, he stepped up and started cooking for the patients, where he realized his love for the craft. Following this, he continued to work within local restaurants while pursuing his degree in hotel and restaurant management. After getting married, we moved over to the Sunshine State where Scott started his culinary education. He ended up receiving his degree in culinary arts, baking and pastry in Charleston, SC while working under a James Beard nominated chef. While Scott was in school, I worked at the culinary school in admissions helping chefs get started in their education. (You could say that customer service is my bread & butter.) 😉 After helping an old mentor open a restaurant in Baton Rouge, we moved to Nashville. During our time there, Scott worked at a popular French brasserie. While he loved the environment, his coworkers and the food he was able to create, the hours were tough on a young family. We had a strong desire to find a balance between our passion for the culinary scene and our love for our family.
After many late nights spent talking and dreaming, an idea began to take shape, an idea for a cafe & coffee shop where we could practice our craft while still having the space, time and energy to devote to our family. The only thing we were missing was a name. We moved back to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2020 to be closer to family. Before my father passed suddenly in January 2021, he had gotten a random Christmas gift for Scott from a hardware store, a brewpaddle. These tools are generally used within breweries, so at the time, it didn’t make a lot of sense, but after his passing, we realized it was Pops's way of guiding us to pursue our dream. In the time since, it has become the name and symbol of our cafe, and we are thrilled for The BrewPaddle Cafe to open its doors later this summer, thus turning our dream into a reality! And we know Pop would be first in line.

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